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Vocher & Gift cards
Are there gift vouchers for the LANIUS online shop?

 We are pleased that you would like to give away our products. For this purpose there is the possibility to buy gift vouchers in our online shop. The voucher contains a corresponding voucher code, which the person receiving the gift can enter during the ordering process in the online shop. The voucher amount is then deducted from the invoice amount accordingly.

 Please note that discount and voucher codes cannot be considered or credited retroactively. Discount and voucher codes and their value cannot be paid out. Vouchers for the LANIUS Online Shop can only be redeemed online and with a customer account.

 Click here for the LANIUS gift vouchers


How do I redeem a gift or promotion code?

 After you have put the desired LANIUS articles into the shopping cart you can enter the appropriate code in the 3rd and last step of the order process into the field "ENTER VOUCHEIN CODE" under the listing of the article(s). For activation and crediting click on the arrow next to it. The discount or amount will then automatically be deducted from the invoice amount. The discount code is now displayed as an item in the listing of the articles. Please check this before sending the order. Only then the code was accepted correctly. Promotion codes for the LANIUS online shop can only be redeemed online. 

If you have any questions about your discount or voucher code, please contact us before completing and paying your order.

 Please note that vouchers and discounts cannot be subsequently credited, debited or paid out. Promotional voucher codes can only be redeemed once. Promotional voucher codes are only valid during the specified period. Promotional coupon codes can be tied to specific products, campaigns or categories. Promotional coupon codes can have a minimum order value. This is always stated on the voucher or in the email with which you received the promotion voucher code. In case of a return, one-time redeemable promotion codes expire.


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