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Shoe polish for leather

Shoe polish for leather


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Leather is a refined natural product which requires a natural and mild care with suitable shoe creams and impregnation spray. The leather care ensures that you can enjoy your product for a long time and that it remains beautiful, well-groomed and supple.

Art. Nr. 000-13301-00
  • 000-13301-00

Product details

Care instructions

remove dust from the shoe with a brush

first test on an inconspicuous spot

spread shoe polish evenly on the leather with a soft cloth 

The leather then first becomes darker because it is wet. Then it becomes lighter again, because the water evaporates. As soon as the leather does not get lighter anymore, you can start running

Please note that the leather is darker after creaming than before. This is particularly evident in the colors Natural White, Pink, Stone, Cuoio, Natural and Nude