Production facility

we take responsibility and are transparent

It is a long way from the first idea a new garments to the final product and many people are involved in this creative process. We want you to see how a collaboration with our producers is and what people are behind it.


Our specialist for jersey-fabric development and production

We are very proud of our producer in Lithuania: Among other things, due to the demand for fashion labels such as LANIUS, the company founded in 1967 has converted its conventional production method and continually develops it sustainably. At the moment, the company holds six different certificates, including the GOTS certificate and ├ľkotex 100. In addition, our production company is the first producer in Europe to enter Greenpeace's Detox campaign in 2017.


The family business with love for the perfect workmanship

In our Portuguese family business, the Mama controls the finished parts and is the first and last in the company. With 120 employees and modern machinery, the company has a lot to offer, besides the attention to detail, a lot of professionalism. This combination is the reason why we have been producing our clothing since the year 2015.


The family business with a passion for tailoring

State-of-the-art machines meet a family atmosphere. In Portugal we have been manufacturing our confection since 2015. The reason for this is, above all, the passion for the product, which is reflected in every finished part. In addition, the family business is very agile and offers us a high degree of flexibility.


Our manufacture for premium coats

In Bulgaria, mother and daughter run the production of our high-quality coats together. The family business exists since 1989 and currently employs around 200 people. We are impressed about the professionalism and accuracy season after season.


Our specialist for woolen yarn

In Bulgaria, our knitwear made of woolen since 2014. The production has state-of-the-art machines, especially for the production of particularly fine yarn. For the production of our fine and high-quality favorite sweaters, we cannot imagine a better producer.


Our specialist for sustainable materials

In our GOTS-certified production in Turkey, our modern items are made of organic cotton jersey. The company already existed since 1983 and employs around 450 people. To our delight, it specialized in sustainable materials and has proved to be a very reliable partner since our collaboration.


Our knit manufacturer

In our GOTS certified production in Turkey, our modern knitted pieces are made of organic cotton. The company has been operating since 1982 and employs around 100 people. The production is run by the "patron", as the owner lovingly called, for 35 years. It is characterized by slow but steady growth and barely fluctuates in staff. Everything is produced in-house and no orders are made to external studios in the city. Thus, the excellent quality can be ensured. It was not until October 2017 that we visited the production facility in Istanbul. Find out more about the journey in our Travel Journal.


Our master workshop for pants

In Turkey, we have found a trouser manufacturer with a total of 350 employees and a GOTS certification. Already since the year 2012 we cooperate with this trustworthy company. We are particularly impressed by the environmentally friendly production, the honesty and the enormous team spirit!


Our hand knitter for finest alpaca wool

In Peru, our favorite fine alpaca items are still made on hand knitting machines in a small factory and with a lot of love for the material. We particularly value the producer's innovative ideas and development of unique yarns. It is above all the personal and long-term contact to the production, which defines the relationship. Owner of the company is Mariella, the wife of Matthias Hess. Hess and Lanius have known each other for a long time, right from the start of LANIUS since Hess Natur was one of the first customers in 1999.


Our expert for alpaca wool

Our producer in Peru covers the entire textile value chain, from the production and dyeing of the fine alpaca yarn, to the weaving or knitting of the fabric, the finishing and finally the production of our favorite sweaters made of alpaca wool. A major plus: social commitment and research on alpacas and textile production in Peru are a major aspect of the production process - with projects such as Pacomarca and Patrulla Ecologica.


Our fully fashioned knitter

This is where German know-how meets Chinese accuracy. Our knitter from China is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation and run by a German owner. With the help of state-of-the-art machines, he has been manufacturing fully-fashioned products for us since 2016.


Our specialist for sustainable materials

The company based in China, is a German-Chinese joint venture: we have been working together since the establishment of the company in 2008 and are proud to have been involved since the very beginning. The production is GOTS certified and audited by the Fair Wear Foundation. As a particularly versatile specialist for sustainable materials, we value the cooperation with the company very much.


Our anthroposophical company

Since 2008, we have been cooperating with our company in China. There is a friendly relationship between Claudia Lanius and the owner of the company, Aichin, who is married to a Danish. As a true pioneer in many respects, she has integrated anthroposophical ideas into her Chinese production: the flatwork hierarchy is dominated by the employee-led business, despite the fact that around 100 employees are employed. 


Our innovative 3D-knitter

This is where our seamless sweaters and cardigans are produced thanks to the latest 3D-knitting technology. Zero Waste: This innovative process produces no waste, which makes it particularly sustainable and the seamless knitted items are real favorites. We have been cooperating with the production since the year 2017 and are enthusiastic about the innovative production.


The family business for exclusive leather goods

In our Italian family business for exclusive leather goods, the entire family works together for generations. Corrado has taken over the business of his father and is now the managing director of production - a wonderful person and specialist in his craft. The joint development is very important to us, so we brought Corrado into contact with vegetable tanned leather for the first time. Since 2015 he has been producing belts and accessories for us.