Fair & Organic Fashion

At LANIUS, we understand sustainability as a future-oriented, ongoing process with respect for man, animal and the environment.

The ongoing process of sustainable development is based on the so-called three-pillar model consisting of the pillars: economics, ecology and social issues. Our core competency is to develop a fair, high-quality and ecological collection season after season. This competence is based on our years of experience and production relations, the LANIUS quality standards, our designers, our values ​​and the existing certifications and textile symbols. A globally recognized textile seal of quality, which is based on these three pillars and fully certifies the textile production chain, is the GOTS certificate. We as a company are GOTS certified, as well as many of our items as well. In our opinion, the GOTS certificate is the most meaningful of the textiles as it includes both ecological and social aspects.

Who is this GOTS?

Behind the slightly bulky name GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - is a textile seal, which since 2008 provides a uniform certification process in the production of sustainable textiles. A product receives the GOTS seal when the entire supply chain, from cultivation to production, is certified in every step. The seal is renewed annually and the companies are subject to regular checks. GOTS and keeping the certificate in the long term is not an easy play.

Social Aspects

The social standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) apply as a minimum requirement. Child labor, ill-treatment, discrimination and compulsory labor are not allowed, while fair wages, labor protection and freedom of association are demanded.

Ecological aspects

The clothing must be 70% natural fibers. The ingredients must come from organic farming and may only be exposed to certain chemical procedures. The use of toxic heavy metals, azo dyes and similar dyestuffs for dyeing and printing are strictly regulated.

Why are not all the products GOTS certified?

We would like to briefly explain what the problem is. Because, of course, it is a legitimate question, why not everything is GOTS-certified. The answer to this is the diversity of our production sites and the materials that are processed. Sometimes it is just a button that is not certified, but the fabrics and production are. Nevertheless, the entire textile production chain - from the cultivation to the product - must be certified: only a sub-area, such as the button, not the criteria, the whole product does not get a GOTS certificate. Basically each of our items is deliberately manufactured.

Transparency of the textile chain

In order to make it more transparent for you, which items of our collection are certified according to which criteria, we have developed icons that decode the entire textile value chain to serve as a guide. You can find the icons for each item in our Onlineshop, if the respective production step is certified.


with love for details in cologne

Raw materials

from certified organic cultivation or organic animal husbandry


with a percentage of at least 70% certified organic


with at least 70% certified organic 


ecological, environmental friendly and skin tolerant 


under fair working conditions


product 100% free from animal ingredients 


100% GOTS certified product

Vegan fashion - Approved by PETA!

Consumers' awareness of the suffering of the animals, which is often associated with the extraction and further processing of the raw materials, is growing steadily. The PETA "Approved Vegan" seal features vegan fashion and assures that the entire article as well as its manufacture is free from animal ingredients. Textile softeners are often used during finishing of textiles, we use vegan alternatives instead.

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Fashion for a good cause

With every purchase of our charity shirt, 3 euros per shirt will go to the school project of the bioRe® foundation in India, thus enabling the preservation, expansion and operation of a school for the children of our organic cotton farmers.


When you purchase one of our charity shirts, 3 euros per shirt will flow into the school project of the bioRe® Foundation in India, thus enabling the preservation, expansion and operation of a school for the children of our organic cotton farmers. In the school supported by LANIUS in the village of Talapura, 71 toddlers are now taught and supervised. Discover our charity shirts.


The bioRe® Foundation has been supporting infrastructure development in India and Tanzania since 1997, thus ensuring the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of farmers' families. The main focus is on the cultivation of organic cotton as a sustainable livelihood, as well as the areas of health, education and livelihood.