Find your size

Dress with lace made of organic cotton

1/2 chest width: 40cm for size 34
1/2 waist width: 43cm for size 34
1/2 hem width: 53cm for size 34
length center back: 87cm for size 34
strap length: 53cm for size 34
deviation possible due to production
How do I measure myself?

Where to put the tape measure:

  1. Bust size: above the strongest part of the chest horizontally around the body

  2. Upper arm: At the strongest part of the upper arm horizontally around the arm

  3. Waist: Around the narrowest part of the stomach horizontally around the body

  4. Hip: Around the strongest part of the hip horizontally around the body

  5. Thigh: Just under the crotch horizontally around the thigh

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